"Interesting night in the Infamous Lion last night, where MAD JACK and the HATTERS were the band occupying the stage. Prior to witnessing their performance, I had the impression I was going to see/hear a band similar to the CATHOUSE CREEPERS! Well, all I can say is, although they sang Rockabilly/R&B, that's where the similarity ends! They threw some Carl Perkins/Muddy Waters/Nancy Whiskey songs in and an excellent Rockabilly version of the Blondie classic Heart of Glass (very different indeed),but it was their own stuff that really impressed. They are a four piece with two guitars a drummer and a bass and very tight, vocals were excellent and the young lady on the double bass (when she sang) had a tremendous voice. Sunday night is notoriously quiet wherever you go, and although the punters were sparse, nobody left and they were thoroughly entertained by an extremely good band! Recommended viewing!!!""
- Tony Easton, Rock of the North

"I've being told that Mad Jack and The Hatters are one hot band and that they are creating a buzz over in the UK.That said "Beware Of The Dog" is the bands second album and first as a 4 piece and it's a good slice of rockabilly. "Dog" comes in with 15 tracks of which only 4 are originals.Highlights include:"You're Gone","Rockabilly Preacher Man" and " Frankenstein Baby"(all 3 are originals).The album has a great flow and has a freshness about it. One of the strengths of the group is that both male and female leads can sing.Mad Jack and The Hatters have put together a pretty good album and are a group you should keep an eye on!"
- Johnny Slam, Slam's Reviews (Jan 15, 2012)